AN-SAN TR-3050 Image Safe Key Machine

You don't need to push the limits, because we removed the borders...

Copying out-of-size keys is no longer a hassle. Thanks to the developed design of the TR-3050 Image model, you can easily connect and copy the keys of the desired size without any length restrictions. Since high quality carbide cutting tools are used on the machine, there is no problem in cutting hard and dense alloy keys and a long-lasting use is provided. In systems where normal air steel cutting tools are used, since the cutter is not at the desired hardness, it flexes during cutting and deviations occur in the cutting path. Since the cutting alignments are not smooth in keys copied in this way, it causes jams in the password while the key is turned inside the lock. Therefore, one of the important reasons for using a carbide cutter is that it does not stretch.

Don't worry about the shaft thickness in the case keys, Image makes the most suitable central settings for you...

The shaft diameters of the safe keys are available in various thicknesses. While the keys are connected to the machine, their positions in the cutter and follower center change due to this thickness difference. Thanks to the centering system developed to prevent this problem that causes serious lines during copying, the keys connected to the vise are automatically centered even if their thickness changes. The clamping surfaces of the vices that clamp the keys move up and down, bringing the center of the key to the most suitable position for the cutter and the follower. In addition, the use of the ball bearing clamping method on the clamp ensures that the movement is comfortable and smooth. Thanks to the two different connection points on the vise, you can easily connect all types of keys in the horizontal and vertical groups.

All handles such as hand-held key clamping handles, cutting operation arm, axis movement arm on the machine are ergonomically designed, this design makes it comfortable to use while copying the key, as well as ensuring that the key connected to the vise is tightened with the right shape and strength.

The position of the axis movement arm and the way it works provide a quick movement to go to the desired part during key copying, so you can finalize the copying process in a serial manner.

With the radius breaking feature, you can easily round the corners on the cutting process surfaces of the copied key, so you can ensure that the key can be rotated easily and comfortably inside the lock. 

Low watt consumption, high and efficient power...

With the newly developed engine technology, maximum power is obtained with the lowest consumption, and you can safely use your machine for many years with this silent and maintenance-free new generation engine.

You can focus the LED panel, which offers an environmentally friendly and comfortable lighting with superior mobility, to the area you want, and it is very practical to remove it from its socket when you are not using it.

The working area of ​​the TR-3050 Image model, which focuses on the comfort and ease of use of the users in its design, stands at an oblique angle to the user, thus providing a suitable position for both the field of view and the working area. 

The most important feature of the Image model is that the axes work linearly, so that the original key and the duplicate key always move in the same center. All axes are equipped with high quality linear bearings. There are eight linear bearings on the machine, four on each axis. In addition to its ease of use and sensitive operation, the system also has a design that does not require lubrication and maintenance. In this way, Image will continue to serve you stably for many years without the need for service.


Professional solutions for professionals...

By using the suspension feature on the follower, you can first center the original key and then cut it. Thanks to this system, key duplication is more convenient and more precise. In order to activate or deactivate the suspension feature, it will be sufficient to turn the follower drum with a small movement. 


The products we produce have passed all safety tests in terms of compliance with international standards and are manufactured according to these standards. All parts used are made from recyclable materials.

So that you can use it with confidence...


General features :

Handle Ergo :
Mechanical control panel :
Fast X Axis Movement :
Measured X Axis Movement :
80mm Cutter :
Led light :
Standby System :
Power Economy :
Audible status alerts :
Illuminated status alerts :
Current Protection :

System features :

Ho.Wo. system :
Radius Cutting System :
Easily Copy System :
Long Key Connection :
Manual Copying System :
Spring follower System :
Sensitive Copying System :
Angle Workspace :
Plus/Minus Set :

Vise Features:

Clamp Complete Tech. :
Unlimited length connection :
Horizontal connection input :
Vertical connection input :
Bearing clamping system :
Special clamp body :
Central collection feature :
Optional tool connection :

Body Features:

Aluminum Alloy Body :
Cast Iron Body :
Electrostatic Paint :
ABS Plastic Parts :
Aluminum Alloy Parts :
Cast Iron Parts :
Lightweight Design :
Carbon Fiber Pattern Cover :

Comfort Features:

Deburring brush :
Burr Protector :
Position-adjustable LED lighting :
Cutter protection :
Safety trigger :
HSS Cutter : HE IS
Carbide Cutter :
Wide viewing angle :
Silent Single Phase Motor :
Maintenance Free Engine :
Maintenance Free Axes :
C13 Cable Entry :
Anti-vibration feet :

Technicial Specifications :

Motor power : 180w
Engine Speed : 1400 rpm
Number of engines : one
Voltage* : 220V
Frequency* : 50Hz
Consumption : 0.18 kW
Recycled Materials :
Max. Electrical Safety :
CE :
Product size | Most : 48cm
Product size | Size : 26cm
Product size | Height : 28cm
Packaging | Most : 55cm
Packaging | Size : 30cm
Packaging | Height : 35cm
Weight Net : 14kg
Weight Gross : 15kg

: Standard equipment
: Not Used
O : Optional equipment

( * ) The product voltage and frequency are produced as 110V 60Hz for some countries.


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