AN-SAN TR-9930 Professional Manual key cutting machine

Be careful, you may be tempted by its power...

The semi-automatic TR-9930 Professional model is designed for all your duplicating needs in cylinder, vehicle and fiam key types.

Keep up with the movement, because Professional knows what you're doing...


The Motion Sensitive Run feature provides both safe and economical use with the engine running only during the key cutting process. Some users, after the operation on one side of the key is finished, turn the key without turning off the breaker to process the other side, which causes unwanted accidents. These accidents are prevented with the motion sensitive operation feature designed for safety rather than comfort. Since the machine does not operate outside of use, energy saving is also provided.


The Professional model is a very high class model in terms of key binding convenience and ease of use. With its 38mm clamp body, it offers ergonomic comfort to the user in connecting the keys as well as a strong grip. Experience the comfort of key copying with the Easily Copy system developed by Ansan R&D team.


Low watt consumption, high and efficient power...

With the newly developed engine technology, maximum power is obtained with the lowest consumption, and you can safely use your machine for many years with this silent and maintenance-free new generation engine.

Considering nature in product development, Ansan's R&D team has ensured that your machine is ready with the lowest consumption when you are not using it. When you turn on the power switch on your machine, the engine of your machine is running when you are going to operate, and in the other case it is waiting in the ready position.

Environmentally friendly and comfortable lighting with specially designed LED lighting focused on the right area, and you don't need to turn on the lighting yourself because Panther automatically turns it on when it detects you need it...


All handles on the machine, such as hand-held key clamping handles and cutting operation handle, are ergonomically designed. This design not only makes it easy to use while copying the key, but also ensures that the key connected to the vise is tightened with the right shape and strength.

The products we produce have passed all safety tests in terms of compliance with international standards and are manufactured according to these standards. All parts used are made from recyclable materials.

So that you can use it with confidence...


General features :

Handle Ergo :
Touch control panel :
Mechanical control panel :
50mm Cutter :
80mm Cutter :
Led light :
3D Cutter :
2D Cutter :
Standby System :
Power Economy :
Audible status alerts :
Illuminated status alerts :
Current Protection :

System features :

Ho.Wo. system :
Two Speed ​​Motion :
Easily Copy System :
Automatic Action :
Motion Sensitive Run :
Manual Copying System :
Automatic Copying System :
Sensitive Copying System :

Vise Features:

Clamp Complete Tech. :
Two way vise :
Four-way vise : HE IS
Tightening from the V system channel :
Bearing clamping system :
Special clamp body :
38mm Vise :
34mm Vise :

Body Features:

Aluminum Alloy Body :
Cast Iron Body :
Electrostatic Paint :
ABS Plastic Parts :
Aluminum Alloy Parts :
Cast Iron Parts :
Lightweight Design :
Carbon Fiber Pattern Cover :

Comfort Features:

Deburring brush :
Automatic brushing system :
Burr Protector :
Cutter protection :
Safety trigger :
HSS Cutter :
Carbide Cutter : HE IS
Vise rotation lever :
Auto-shutdown language :
Silent Single Phase Motor :
Maintenance Free Engine :
Maintenance Free Axes :
C13 Cable Entry :
Anti-vibration feet :

Technicial Specifications :

Motor power : 180w
Engine Speed : 1400 rpm
Number of engines : one
Voltage* : 220V
Frequency* : 50Hz
Consumption : 0.18 kW
Recycled Materials :
Max. Electrical Safety :
CE :
Product size | Most : 46cm
Product size | Size : 30cm
Product size | Height : 32cm
Packaging | Most : 50cm
Packaging | Size : 45cm
Packaging | Height : 36cm
Weight Net : 20kg
Weight Gross : 22kg

: Standard equipment
: Not used
HE IS : Optional equipment

( * ) The product voltage and frequency are produced as 110V 60Hz for some countries.




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